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  • Niyi Olopade & Co. is an indigenous law firm located in Ikeja, Lagos, and was incorporated as a legal entity in 1992 to provide legal services in both Civil and Criminal matters.
    At Niyi Olopade & Co., we draw on the experience and expertise of our dedicated and knowledgeable staff who have served for many years in several legal capacities around the federation.
    Niyi Olopade & Co., excels with enviable and admirable records in the soliciting and advocating services that we provide.
    Our highly skilled and experienced legal minds, coupled with our use of the latest and available modern legal facilities in the industry place us in an advantageous position not only to manage our clients’ businesses, but execute complex legal projects hence ensuring quality client service delivery.
    No business is immune from day – to – day problems, but we believe our personnel policies and practices will help resolve such problems. At Niyi Olopade & Co., our team of experienced lawyers have a genuine concern and respect for our clients and their businesses, and will work tirelessly towards resolving their legal problems.

    To provide a high quality legal service at the best value to our clients
    To apply our Expertise, Experience and Knowledge of the Law to make a positive contribution to the society at large.






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